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Electronic vs. Acoustic

In the world of music there is always going to be a battle between the electronic folks and the acoustic folks. Some will argue that they are the same but the reality is that they are worlds apart. I personally am a fan of the acoustic sets but I also have a deep respect for the electronic folks as well. I enjoy the electric guitar but there is no replacing the acoustic models. If you are new to music then this might seem petty but if you are a regular or if you have years of experience then you understand the conflict. Acoustic music is a form of music that does not rely on the power of electronic distortion. That is all you get with an electronic guitar. When you use an electric model you are simply running your music through a set of wires and a box and thus you are left with a distorted signal of what your music use to be. Acoustic music is much different. Acoustic music forces the player to be more accurate and more precise.

If you are torn between the love of electronic models and acoustic models, you need to keep a few things in mind. First, what is the sound that you are going for? If you are trying to recreate a thrash metal band or if you are going for a Metallica sound, some will tell you that you need an electric guitar. But the reality is that you can play the same types of music with an acoustic. Acoustic models are not as loud but they will play the same music.

Searching for The Right Guitar

When it comes to guitars there are literally hundreds of choices that you could make. Guitars are very similar to cars. There are some made in other countries, there are some that are made in the United States, there are some that are expensive, and there are some that are cheap. In reality, if you are looking for a great guitar then you are going to have to spend a large sum of money. Great sound is not achieved with sub-par gear. The first step to finding a great guitar is weeding through the garbage. This might mean that you should shop around for the best guitars. Spend some time at the local guitar shops. Ask the local band players what they play. Always seek outside advice before making your purchase. There are also a few other areas that you need to address as well.

What type of sound are you going for? What is the look that you are after? Are you interested in electric models or acoustic models? I would suggest that you go for an acoustic model simply because it is more versatile and the sound is universal. Everyone enjoys an acoustical guitar. Further, if you can play the acoustic you can play the electric. Finally, when searching for the right guitar you need to be true to yourself. First, understand your ability. If you are a newbie then you need to purchase a guitar that you can learn on. Do not try to mimic someone else. Be true to yourself and to your music. Second, don’t go crazy buying items you do not need. A simple acoustic guitar can and will deliver all that you need.

Nirvana Unplugged

In 1992 there was a new wave of music that was starting to take the country by storm. The younger generation, known simply as generation X, was tired of the typical musical scene and they were aching for something that they could identify with. This is when Grunge rock became very popular. Some will argue that Grunge rock was a fad and that it was not very good, but history will show that this form of music not only inspired a generation but it revived an industry that needed new blood. Nirvana was the face of this new music scene and they were hugely popular. Based out of Seattle Washington, the group became famous almost over night. The front man was Kurt Cobane. He had crazy guitar skills and his voice was much different than anything on the radio at that time. He had the whine of a Bob Dylan but the power of a David Lee Roth.

The real high point in the careers of this band was in 1992 when they performed live on MTV. Many have played MTV before but none had ever played in an unplugged environment. This simply means that the music was acoustic. It was a raging success. The ratings where huge and the people loved the new music. Acoustic music has a smoother tone and it allows the user to really feel the music. Instead of being suppressed by electronics the music is allowed to freely flow. If you have never watched this scene from 1992, you need to search for it. It might just change your opinion of acoustical music.

My Acoustic Guitar Lessons

I am a 67-year-old man that has never been able to play any type of musical instrument. I have always wanted to play music and I have even dreamed of playing. But the real ability to pick up a guitar and learn the music has always been a fleeting aspect of my life. It wasn’t until recently that I even thought it was possible for me to ever play the guitar. There are several reasons that I would give. The most common reason would be that my fingers where to big and I could not adequately hold and pluck the strings. However I have recently decided that life is too short for me to have regrets. I decided that I wanted to learn and I made the investment to make that dream a reality. I recently bought a new acoustic guitar and I signed up for lessons at my local guitar center.

The guitar is an amazing piece of equipment. I wanted something that would last so I decided to buy a Martin. It was expensive but I figured that if I spent a large sum of money I would be more inclined to actually see the process through. The lessons have been going great and I have really been progressing through the chords and the notes. I have really taken up with the songs of Bob Dylan. I love his music and it brings me back to a time in my life when things were easier and much more fun. I am excited about this new journey and I can’t wait to play a song for my new fans.