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Christmas Music Helps Melt The Blues Away

Are you starting to feel the holiday blues? Are you dreading Christmas because you simply cannot afford to buy your loved ones what you know they want? I know, I am in the same boat right there with you! You know what can help? Music! Christmas music is the BEST way to stay in the holiday spirit even if you don’t have the means to make Christmas awesome this year as far as gifts, you can make it a happy fun time for all by boosting your mood with Christmas music!

I started listening to Christmas music in my car almost a month ago! Believe it or not I found a station that started airing Christmas music that early! I was sort of down this year because I don’t have a steady job that will allow me to be able to purchase the items my daughter wants so I began listening to Christmas music very early on. I am glad that I did because my daughter and I are having the best time this holiday season just enjoying the moments each day. Sure Christmas morning may be a bit slim, but our hearts are full of fond Christmas carols and the fun and excitement that surrounds Christmas. I was just telling her today that I am having a blast making cookies, watching Christmas movies each night with hot coca and spending quality time together singing Christmas carols as we drive down the road and she agreed this is a fun happy time of year. She knows that we don’t have the money to get her a lot of presents, but she is enjoying the season regardless because the Christmas music has made our hearts as happy as a lark!