Acoustic Music Makes a Comeback

There was a time when any acoustic music was really difficult to find. It seemed like even the most traditional artists had decided to use at least a few electronic instruments in their arrangements. The good news is that this trend is changing and now there is a place for high quality acoustic music.

While kids today might not think that the acoustic music sounds good, those of us who grew up listening to it, know that there’s a richness to music that can’t be created with anything other than acoustic instruments.

One of the things that has thrilled many older musicians, is that some of the rising stars have embraced acoustic music. A classic example of this is Brad Paisley. While you’ll find plenty of non-acoustic pieces on his albums, he does a good job of making sure that there’s some stunning acoustic work mixed in. He even managed record chart topping acoustic hits, When I get Where I’m Going and Whiskey Lullaby into fan favorites. Both songs are simple, sound traditional, and will bring a tear to everyone’s eye.

Another powerful acoustic song that recently soared up the charts was Sugarland’s Stay. Not only did this particular piece deal with an evocative subject matter, it also made heavy use of an acoustic guitar and Jennifer Nettles’ powerful voice. It’s an acoustic masterpiece and you have to give the band, who rarely uses acoustic music, credit for realizing that the only way to make the song resonate with listeners was to strip it down to the basics.

Not only has Little Big Town done an excellent job of creating and recording some phenomenal acoustic music, they have also taken many popular songs, including songs recorded by Maroon Five and Lady Gaga, and recording them as acoustic pieces which can be found on YouTube.

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