Finding Music For Everyone

When you are a part of family like mine, it is rare that you will find yourself without access to music from one genre or another. What I mean by this is that my family loves music. All of us could spend hours listening to music even the baby who is barely a year old to my grandmother who comes to visit us a few times a week. If you walk by our home and don’t hear music of some sort, then you know either we are sleeping or something is wrong!

But there is a catch to our love of music and that is that we don’t all agree on the best type of music. For my husband and I, the best type is the kind that we grew up with and the new music that most resembles that type of music we grew up on. While the others in our family may tolerate it, they definitely don’t choose it over other types of music. Our littlest family member prefers songs sung in cartoon character voices which can lead our oldest child to leave the room quickly.

The other kids really like listening to anything, but they thoroughly enjoy show tunes. I don’t know where they get this from, but I have a sneaking suspicion it could be from Grandma. The funny thing is that Grandma is the one who likes every single type of music that we play around the house. So often the best way to make sure that everyone gets a turn listening to what they like is to let Grandma choose the songs when she is visiting. It is kind of fun now knowing what kind of music you will hear next!

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