Learning The Acoustic Guitar

I have always desired to play a musical instrument. I have always thought it would be fun and exciting and even a great way to meet new and exciting people. So when I was in the 7th grade I bought my first drum kit. I played those drums for years and I actually became fairly decent at playing the instrument. But it was not the instrument that I wanted. I wanted a cool way to meet girls and so I knew that I needed the guitar. I liked the electric guitar but I thought the acoustic guitar might be the best way to go since it could be played anywhere and at any time. So I talked my parents into buying me an acoustic guitar and I started trying to play it. The thing I learned right away is that this instrument is very different from the drums. With the drums you keep the beat and you offer filler for the rest of the band. But when the guitar is involved it is the main attraction.

Learning to play the acoustic guitar was very hard and I must admit that even to this day I have not yet fully understood the bets way to play it. I can play a few chords and I can pick a few notes but I still cannot play a shred or even a really cool song. So here is what you need to know about the whole process. First, you need to fight the urge to play your favorite songs. This will do nothing to help you long term. You need to learn music theory as well as music itself. Once you are able to find and play the individual notes on the guitar you will be able to play anything. Do not limit yourself to one song when you can play hundreds. Playing the acoustic guitar is fun and liberating but it will require time and patience.

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