Who Doesn’t Love Acoustic Music?

From the time I was little I loved hearing my dad play the guitar whenever we had a family gathering. The whole family love music of all kinds, but sometimes it seemed that that the simpler the music the better. After I was grown up and out of the house, I decided that I wanted to play the guitar so my dad, being the great person that he is, gave me his old guitar. Though I am still learning, I love to sit down and play the guitar when I need a pick me up.

If that doesn’t work, I know that there is one other thing that will surely do the trick. I had to find a place that offered acoustic music to its listeners. Thankfully there are plenty of places like that around here. Most are local coffee shops, but no matter where I go to listen to some local musicians play acoustically, I love the music that I hear. The sound is simple and easy to listen to no matter what type of mood I am in.

Of course if there is no live music to listen to, I have a great collection of music at home that gives me that same great feeling. Acoustic music definitely has more heart and soul than other types because it is so raw. It is hard to hide or fake real passion when all you can hear is a voice and a guitar. Just listen to the acoustic version of your favorite song and you will instantly know what I am talking about. I find it very difficult not to prefer acoustic songs over the alternate versions.

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