Has the Ritualistic Music Industry Boosted Prepping?

There is a huge movement that is sweeping the country and it might come as a bit of a surprise to some people. This movement is not based on popularity and it has nothing to do with Hollywood or the rich and famous. The trend is really simple. So what is this trend? Well, the trend is the idea that the governments of the world are lying to us, the people, and that we are in much more danger than anyone will ever admit. This has led to numerous conspiracy theories and crazy ideas. However there is one idea that has really taken root and seems to be a legitimate approach. The idea is that we need to start prepping for the worst and hoping for the best. So lets dig in to how this has anything to do with music.

One of the biggest Internet conspiracy theories is the idea that the world is controlled by this uber large and uber secretive group known simply as the illuminati. The Illuminati are supposed to be the ones that call the shots and they are supposed to be the real power behind the puppets that we call leaders. Of those mentioned to be members of the Illuminati there is one that has deep roots in the music world. His name is Sean Carter a.k.a. Jay-Z. So there you have it. There is the connection between music and prepping. I know, I know. This idea is pretty comical when you think about it but hey, this is what the world thinks. So lets look at real prepping and see if it makes much sense.

Real prepping is all about taking advantage of the time we have and stockpiling goods and materials in the event that the proverbial feces hits the fan. Items such as canned foods, bottled water, diapers, cigarettes, liquor, etc. are said to be of great importance. The reasons being that they are everyday items that we would need in a survival situation and they are also items that can be used to barter or trade. I for one am not going to take a side in this argument I am simply sharing the information that you need to make an educated decision. So with that, here is a bit more on the prepping mindset.

Many preppers are interested in things such as guns, ammo, knives, hunting, etc. these are all activities that seem to appeal to the right wing folks and thus, the left wing folks think this is just another tin-foil hat wearing theory. Who knows? Are you in to prepping?

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