Nirvana Unplugged

In 1992 there was a new wave of music that was starting to take the country by storm. The younger generation, known simply as generation X, was tired of the typical musical scene and they were aching for something that they could identify with. This is when Grunge rock became very popular. Some will argue that Grunge rock was a fad and that it was not very good, but history will show that this form of music not only inspired a generation but it revived an industry that needed new blood. Nirvana was the face of this new music scene and they were hugely popular. Based out of Seattle Washington, the group became famous almost over night. The front man was Kurt Cobane. He had crazy guitar skills and his voice was much different than anything on the radio at that time. He had the whine of a Bob Dylan but the power of a David Lee Roth.

The real high point in the careers of this band was in 1992 when they performed live on MTV. Many have played MTV before but none had ever played in an unplugged environment. This simply means that the music was acoustic. It was a raging success. The ratings where huge and the people loved the new music. Acoustic music has a smoother tone and it allows the user to really feel the music. Instead of being suppressed by electronics the music is allowed to freely flow. If you have never watched this scene from 1992, you need to search for it. It might just change your opinion of acoustical music.

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