Electronic vs. Acoustic

In the world of music there is always going to be a battle between the electronic folks and the acoustic folks. Some will argue that they are the same but the reality is that they are worlds apart. I personally am a fan of the acoustic sets but I also have a deep respect for the electronic folks as well. I enjoy the electric guitar but there is no replacing the acoustic models. If you are new to music then this might seem petty but if you are a regular or if you have years of experience then you understand the conflict. Acoustic music is a form of music that does not rely on the power of electronic distortion. That is all you get with an electronic guitar. When you use an electric model you are simply running your music through a set of wires and a box and thus you are left with a distorted signal of what your music use to be. Acoustic music is much different. Acoustic music forces the player to be more accurate and more precise.

If you are torn between the love of electronic models and acoustic models, you need to keep a few things in mind. First, what is the sound that you are going for? If you are trying to recreate a thrash metal band or if you are going for a Metallica sound, some will tell you that you need an electric guitar. But the reality is that you can play the same types of music with an acoustic. Acoustic models are not as loud but they will play the same music.

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