The Death Of Acoustic Music

Over the years there has been much written regarding the rise and the fall of the music industry. Some have argued that online sites such as Napster and LimeWire are to blame for the fall. Others will argue that the taste for music has changed and the industry has not been able to keep up. While these are all fun things to talk about, the reality is that the music industry has gotten away from music itself. Gone are the days of a person simply strumming their guitar and singing along. Instead we are force-fed groups of people that we are told are popular, pretty, and that we need to imitate. Nowadays the musical industry is interested in selling an idea instead of a song. This is why people like Brittney Spears and Nikki Manaj are famous. They are not artists. They cannot even carry a tune. Instead they offer a glimpse of what some would call beauty.

Real music was born out of the love for music. Carrying an acoustic guitar on your back, strumming it when you could, and simply enjoying the music where the keys to musical success. Those days are gone. The only way to save the musical industry is to allow it to die. Allow the corporate CEO types to suffer a great loss. Once the scene dies completely it can be remade into what it should be. Allow the electronic devices to go away and you will be left with an acoustic set that no one can rival. Acoustic music was the beginning and it will be the rise of a new generation.

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