My Acoustic Guitar Lessons

I am a 67-year-old man that has never been able to play any type of musical instrument. I have always wanted to play music and I have even dreamed of playing. But the real ability to pick up a guitar and learn the music has always been a fleeting aspect of my life. It wasn’t until recently that I even thought it was possible for me to ever play the guitar. There are several reasons that I would give. The most common reason would be that my fingers where to big and I could not adequately hold and pluck the strings. However I have recently decided that life is too short for me to have regrets. I decided that I wanted to learn and I made the investment to make that dream a reality. I recently bought a new acoustic guitar and I signed up for lessons at my local guitar center.

The guitar is an amazing piece of equipment. I wanted something that would last so I decided to buy a Martin. It was expensive but I figured that if I spent a large sum of money I would be more inclined to actually see the process through. The lessons have been going great and I have really been progressing through the chords and the notes. I have really taken up with the songs of Bob Dylan. I love his music and it brings me back to a time in my life when things were easier and much more fun. I am excited about this new journey and I can’t wait to play a song for my new fans.

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